Combining Sustainability and Water Treatment into an Affordable Package

HVAC systems in buildings account for 25% of all greenhouse gas emissions in North America. As a result, most buildings have already had optimized set-points and minor retrofits to improve efficiency, leaving only costly, major retrofits to find further improvements. The PACE Eco Program is the easy next step to improve HVAC efficiency. The program is proven to lower energy consumption and emissions from your existing water-based HVAC system by up to 15% without any equipment changes or upfront investment.

Many HVAC systems use water to deliver or remove heat from a building because water is readily available and cost effective. Unfortunately, water’s surface tension restricts heat transfer efficiency and its corrosive properties can lead to major system damage if left untreated. The PACE Eco Program is specifically designed to lower the system water's surface tension to improve heat transfer while providing protection from corrosion, fouling and freezing.

How does the PACE Eco Program work?

  • Reduces energy consumption by improving heat transfer efficiency
  • Water treatment extends equipment life by protecting system metallurgy
  • Regular service to monitor and maintain optimal protection and performance
  • Reduces equipment runtime
  • Fixed Monthly Cost

What's included in the Program?

  • Regularly scheduled site service
  • EndoTherm® treatment
  • Filter changes and equipment checks
  • Water testing and reporting
  • Maintain water treatment levels

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