EndoTherm is an energy saving additive for commercial or domestic boiler heating systems (non-potable) which has proven to reduce energy consumption by 10-15%.

Most boiler systems use water or a glycol/water mix as a heat transfer medium to deliver boiler heat to the building. Water is used because it is cost effective and readily available, however it is not the most efficient transporter of heat. When added to the boiler water, EndoTherm improves the heat transfer characteristics of water, allowing more heat from the boiler to be delivered to the building and thus reducing overall heating costs and CO2 emissions. 

  • Ease of use – Simply add to boiler water
  • 100% Organic 
  • Safe to use on all building materials; plastic, steel, aluminum and copper
  • Compatible with a wide variety of inhibitors
  • Proven for the past 7 years, in over 10,000 of systems
  • Colorless so it will not dye a system
  • Winner of multiple building and ecofriendly awards
  • Reduction of energy consumption and emissions
  • Energy savings start on day one
  • ROI in less than three years

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