Whistler School Saves Energy With EndoTherm

July 30th, 2018

EndoTherm is a proven energy saving additive for hydronic boiler systems which improves the boiler water heat transfer and lowers energy consumption in HVAC systems. In September 2017, the Sea to Sky School District added EndoTherm to their existing boiler system at Spring Creek Elementary in Whistler, BC. The case study was conducted over the heating season, with the energy usage normalized for weather using heating degree day regression analysis.

The result was a 12.75% reduction in natural consumption and greenhouse gas emissions versus the baseline, giving the project a projected ROI in less than 18 months. Carbon savings to date exceed 8,000kg of CO2e, equivalent to the yearly emissions of two passenger vehicles.

The Whistler Operations Manager commented that

"the install was quick and easy... Installation of the product has already resulted in a good amount of cost savings and CO2 reduction. I would like to see the product installed in more of our school buildings. All in all, EndoTherm does everything it claims to do. It's a no brainer for me to have this product installed in our systems."

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