New Federal Carbon Tax In Effect: Goal To Reduce Emissions

April 2nd, 2019

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's plan to reduce Canada's greenhouse gas emissions is now in effect in Ontario, New Brunswick, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. A new carbon tax has been put in place and will increase the cost of natural gas, gasoline, light fuel oil, and propane. It is reported that in Ontario, people will pay around $10 more per month for natural gases, for instance. It will likely be less than that during the summer, and much higher during the winter. This plan is being considered a "revenue-neutral plan" because there are rebates also being offered to repay the new tax to Canadian tax payers.

According to CBC News "70 per cent of Canadians will receive more in climate rebate payments than they'll pay each year through the new carbon tax." This will help offset the increased prices. However, the ultimate goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and consumption. "The government projects the pricing plan will reduce carbon pollution by 50 million to 60 million tonnes by 2022 — the equivalent of taking 12 million cars off the road, or closing 14 coal plants" according to CBC News. Read more on the new tax and rebates that are being offered on CBC News.

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