Don’t forget to winterize your cooling tower

February 6th, 2019

A drop in winter temperatures can put your cooling tower equipment at risk. If not properly winterized, freezing temperatures can cause serious damager to your tower resulting in increased maintenance costs and potential downtime. Check out these pictures from Lower Mainland Technical Representative, David Barnard, who uncovered some cooling tower damage during his site visit today.

“I came across this tower at a customer of mine today. There was a 3/4" layer of ice in the sump with the float was stuck in the ice (Right Image). Once I broke surface of the ice, I found no water in the sump at all. Once the float was free, the sump immediately started refilling with water. The drain line from the tower had also frozen and cracked which is now resulting in down time of the system (Left Image).”

Not sure about winterizing your cooling tower?

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