PACE Chemicals is committed to protecting and improving water-based HVAC and domestic water systems. This expertise includes treatment solutions for potable water systems.

Parafos® is NSF tested and certified treatment designed to minimize the problems associated with hard water scale, corrosion, and staining in potable or domestic water systems.

The Problem – Scale Deposits

Hard water scale deposits are typically found through all areas of water usage. Water heaters, piping and distribution systems, valves, nozzles, taps, heat exchangers, etc. are all affected by hard water mineral scale. Reduced heat transfer, clogged pipes, early equipment replacement and downtime are some of the results of scale deposits. 

The Scale Solution

When added at a small dosage into the water, Parafos® keeps minerals in suspension, preventing scale from building within the system. It also has the ability to gradually dissolve existing scale and iron deposits. By preventing and eliminating scale deposits, Parafos® improves your energy efficiency! 

The Problem – Corrosion

Corrosion is a serious problem within many water systems. Dissolved gases, oxygen and carbon dioxide, along with chlorinated water, accelerate corrosion which can lead to many issues such as pitting, pin holes, and leaks. Leaching of lead and copper from these issues is a concern for drinking water systems. The costs associated with repairing or replacing corroded equipment are high.

The Corrosion Solution

Parafos alleviates the problems associated with corrosion by complexing to form a monomolecular film on the waterside of metal plumbing surfaces. Parafos® effectively reduces corrosion by forming this protective barrier. Additionally, Parafos® can help achieve the US EPA Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) guidelines for lead and copper by reducing corrosion in water systems.

Reduces Staining

Parafos® combines with metals to form a compound that slows down and prevents oxidation from occurring. Reducing oxidation from occurring drastically reduces red and black staining that can be seen in sinks, toilets and other fixtures, while reducing clogging within the pipes that cannot be seen!

No More Need for a Water Softener!

The addition of Parafos® eliminates the need for a water softener, in most applications. Parafos® does the hard work of a water softener at a fraction of the cost, which eliminates the added cost and need for equipment, salt, labor, and maintenance. By eliminating the added salt from water softeners, Parafos is the perfect solution for healthcare and senior housing applications.

Parafos® Saves You Money!

Parafos® is a highly concentrated water treatment product, therefore only a small amount is needed to effectively treat and further protect the water system. With water treatment costs being much lower than costs to replace equipment or fix system issues, it is important to incorporate effective treatment regularly. Preventing scale, stains, and corrosion in water systems helps to alleviate the problems and costs involved with those issues.

Safety Certifications


The National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) tested and certified that Parafos® meets international standards for public health protection in food safety. Parafos® has been NSF registered for use, as directed, in potable water systems. Additionally, Parafos® is registered by NSF International's Nonfood Compounds and Proprietary Substances Registration Program for products used in processing & pre-processing stages of food production.

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The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) approved Parafos® for use in food production facilities where potable water may come in contact with food, as a non-food chemical product. A CFIA letter of no-objection is also available by request.


Parafos® Metering Systems are available!

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